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Being Healthy

We recognise how important healthy eating and exercise is to the development of our children. This is reflected in the nutritious, balanced meals we provide our children and in the activities our children are encouraged to engage in – both indoor and outdoor.

Our menus centre on wholesome, tasty, food, and are devised to include fresh fruit, oily fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables every day – all of which contribute to being healthy. Any special dietary requirements your child may have can be catered for.


Your child will be encouraged to engage in “healthy eating” discussions and carry out fun activities with food and drink, demonstrating the importance a balanced diet plays towards being healthy. Child Nutritionists, visiting periodically, will introduce children to the wide variety of tastes and textures of wholesome food.

Abigail’s Day Nursery is committed to delivering quality, balanced meals and snacks to all our children and we will continue to strive to set the standard for food excellence in the childcare sector.

We have been awarded the ‘Healthy and Sustainable Pre-School Scheme Nataional Award’ in Nutrition and Oral Health aspect and Physical Activity/Active play aspect, by Caerphilly Council.

Children are encouraged to use our superb garden and facilities at every opportunity, and we shall ensure your child can take full advantage of our outdoor facilities where healthy exercise can be fun, as well as healthy and educational.

Fun equipment will also get your child thinking creatively, whilst socialising in a safe, healthy environment.