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Bunnies (0 – 12 months) Rabbits (12 months – 18 months)

The baby room has been divided into two areas: Bunnies Group and Rabbits Group. There is a ‘wet play area’ where the children are fed and messy activities such as play dough and painting are carried out.

Leading off this room is a quiet and relaxing cot room especially for younger babies.

There is also a separate baby changing room.

In our Bunnies and Rabbits Room we have a wide variety of toys which encourages learning through senses e.g. sounds, touch and movement. All equipment has been purchased with the age and development of the children in mind.

Bunnies and Rabbits have their own dining area. We also offer a different menu for our under 1’s to support them through the weaning process.

As your baby grows we will start to introduce them to age and stage appropriate activities. When the time is right for them, we will introduce them into the ‘Rabbits’ group.


Badgers (18 Months – 2 years)

In our Badgers Group, they begin to learn to role play and develop their concentration through play based activities.


Squirrels (2 – 3 Years)

In our Squirrels Group this room has been especially designed to promote a range of play and learning experiences for this age group.


There will also be a quiet area where the children can sleep on sleep mats.

Your child will be encouraged to join the older groups for snack times and meal times in order for them to develop their social skills.


Owls (3 – 5 Years)

This is our pre-schoolers group who enjoy ‘open access play’.

The main focus for this age group is a wide range of pre-school activities, ranging from pencil control to number recognition. Our aim is to prepare the children as much as possible for their transition to school. They are encouraged to learn through play.


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