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Settling In

We understand that each child has his/her individual needs and our Settling-In Policy is flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of each child.

Once you have registered your child, we will book three “settling-in” sessions for your child.



This session usually lasts about an hour and gives you the opportunity to meet your child’s Key Worker, who will explain the types of activities in which your child will take part.

You and your Key Worker will stay with your child and encourage them to play, whilst we explain the types of activities your child will enjoy whilst he/she is with us.

You will be able to familiarise yourself with the environment at Abigail’s, and will be shown all areas of the nursery that your child will use, such as the Dining Room, Sleep Room, Play Rooms, Garden, etc.



This session is for up two hours. We encourage you to leave your child with their Key Worker so they can gently ease your child into the routines of the nursery. We understand some parents may be anxious and you are welcome to telephone us if you wish to discuss your child’s progress.


This session follows the same routine as the second session.

If, then, you feel your child will need further settling in, you will be given the opportunity to book further sessions.

We never rush the settling-in process as we understand how important it is for children and parents to feel comfortable with their new environment.



Parents are welcome to drop in at any time during the course of a day. All we ask is that you try to avoid times when children are likely to be asleep.

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